An Interview with Valery Soloviev

Valery Soloviev, a Russian Go player and former president of the Russian Go Federation speaks on European Go perspectives.

Интервью с Александром Поповым

Алесандр Попов, 6-дан, Чемпион России 1990 и 1991, известный мастер ушу

An interview with Ivan Detkov

Ivan Detkov, the first USSR Go Champion speaks about the history of Russian Go

Интервью с Валерием Шикшиным

В.Д. Шикшин – самый известный детский тренер в России и Европе

An interview with Ilya Shikshin

Ilya Shikshin, European champion-2010 agreed to answer some questions immediately after the successful tournament

Интервью с В.Д.Соловьевым

Валерий Соловьев – мастер 6-го дана, бывший президент Российской Федерации Го

An interview with Natalya Kovaleva

Natalya Kovaleva, 5-dan -the strongest female Go player of Russia (from the Goama magazine archive, 2009)

An interview with Lee Hyuk

Lee Hyuk – Korean amateur, staying in Russia since early 90’s. The winner of many Russian and European tournaments    Send article as PDF