One has to improve in whatever skill they are known for and this is very applicable in the gaming world. The same applies when playing Go although it’s a game in which the players get better speedily.

However, in the game of Go, you could get to a point where you can’t improve anymore and this births worrying questions in the mind of the Go gamer. This results in some players doing away with the game as they feel they’ve gotten enough of it. However, this shouldn’t be the case, and here are some ways to improve in the game of Go.

Always analyze your games
You must focus on your games and carry out an analysis of the mistakes that were made whilst playing. There are 3 ideal ways to do this, namely; You can do it alone, seek help from someone who is more skilled and ranked higher than you, or leverage AI platforms that analyze Go.

This analysis step should be embraced even if you weren’t on the losing side as there some parts where you may have fallen short. Also, analyze the mistakes that were made by the opposition.

Learn Fuseki
Fuseki is an advanced strategy and is only ideal for folks who rank 10 Kuy above. Those who rank below needn’t worry about this strategy. Fuseki aids in establishing frameworks in the openings and this enhances the basic structure of the game.

This differs from moves that are made in the middle of the game or in life-and-death situations. Fuseki offers many ways of playing ins in the opening and they are all correct in their own ways. It is ideal for improving your Go gaming ability.

Crack your brain with solving Tsumego problems
Tsumego can also be described as life and death and is one of the established ways to enhance your tactical Go gaming skills. I bet there are games that come with underlying Tsumego logic. Do well to check for such games at to see if you’ll find any of them whose play could pass for solving Tsumego problems. The reputable online casino has a lot of games on offer and it’s likely you’ll find one that adopts the Tsumego strategy.

Solving at least 10 to 20 Tsumego problems daily comes highly recommended. Do well to play the sequence in your mind rather than opting for trying your luck by playing the first move when you feel it is right.

Study endgames
This aspect is undermined and neglected but its importance cannot be overemphasized. A good number of folks do not pay attention to endgames as they believe that they don’t come with high value. However, professional players know this is not the case.

There’s a possibility of a lost game being reversed if you play perfectly in the endgame. You can also improve at it by making a calculation of the value of all moves and deciding which moves get Sente or more points.

Learn Joseki
Joseki comes with its significance especially if you play on the 19×19 board. Joseki can be described as the set of combined moves in the opening where none of the players have an advantage.

If Joseki is not played in the correct way, your positions will offer nothing but disadvantages. According to professionals, a mistake during Joseki means that the game could be lost completely. Getting conversant with Joseki will also enhance your understanding of the vibe of the game.    Send article as PDF